Property Inspection

Single Family (includes attached garage):
Up to 2,000 sf - $375
2,001 to 3,000 sf - $400
3,001 to 4,000 sf - $450
> 4,000 sf - call for a quote

All residential inspections include thermal imaging, the book Now That You have Had a Home Inspection, and a Home Energy Report at no additional charge. 

Add for:
Homes older than 50 years - $50
Each additional building - $30 - $50
Crawlspace (dependent on size and difficulty) - $25 - $50
Additional kitchen - $25

Log siding up to 2,000 sq. ft. $100

Log siding 2,000 to 4,000 sq. ft. $150

Base fee - $450
Each additional unit - $75
Older than 50 years - $75
Crawlspace - $25 - $50

Manufactured Home Foundation Certification:
Place your order online with our partners at Foundation Certifications

Thermal Imaging - call for a quote



Drain line only with Home Inspection  $100

Level 1 Septic System Inspection with Home Inspection $125  

Level 2 Septic System Inspection with Home Inspection $225

Level 3 Septic System Inspection with Home Inspection $300

Add $50 if inspection not  included with Home Inspection   

Environmental Testing Services

  • Comprehensive (Basic, Arsenic, Source or First Draw Lead, and Uranium) $140
  • First Draw Lead Only $90
  • Bacteria Only $100
  • Additional Charge if Independent of Home Inspection - $50
  • Chlorination of well system - $50 per hour (maximum of $175 if client flushes system). Includes removal and cleaning of faucet aerators and shower heads. Draining of water heater and/or air bladder tank can be included on request. Fee does not include testing water after chlorine has been flushed from system.
All tests that include bacteria include a count of any bacteria present, not simply if bacteria is present or absent.

Indoor Air Quality:
  • IAQ Home Survey™ with Home Inspection- $150
  • IAQ Home Survey™ Independent of Home Inspection - $225
  • (Total Volatile Organic Compounds and Total Mold Volatile Organic Compounds Levels)
  • Formaldehyde with Home Inspection- $125
  • Formaldehyde Independent of Home Inspection - $175
  • Mold Air (includes 2 exterior samples and 1 interior sample) with Home Inspection $150
    • Independent of Home Inspection $200
    • Additional samples $50 each
  • Mold Tape Lift $40 per sample with Home Inspection
  • Additional charge if independent of Home Inspection $50
A travel fee may apply to the above rates if the property is outside of normal service area.
Please ask about discounts for military (active and veterans), active duty police, fire and corrections officers, teachers, and members of Greater Bangor Apartment Owners and Managers Association (GBAOMA).


  • Mileage charges may apply (over 30 miles).
  • We accept VISA, Mastercard, and Discover and offer online payment.


Your Home Inspection Report

We use the premiere home inspection reporting software Home Gauge. You will be emailed a link to view your report with a user name and password. By going to the home page of our website, you may login and access all your inspection and test result reports as soon as they are available. They are maintained on file online for five years.

Your comprehensive report will be in narrative form with color photos and will include information about the following:

  • Items that pose a safety concern or require prompt attention such as lack of smoke detectors, inadequate firewall protection between house and garage, or a chimney that should be cleaned or repaired
  • Items that you should take special note of or repair such as damaged shingles on the roof or a leaking sink drain
  • Items that may not require repair at this time but should be part of a maintenance schedule such as a clogged gutter or downspout.
  • Items you should know the location of such as a gas shut-off valve
  • References to additional sources of information as a resource for you

If you are looking for an inspector, look no further than Jay Otis at S&J. He is friendly and professional. He went above and beyond for our inspection, giving us additional bits of information about things he noticed and suggestions of what to do about them. You can tell that he not only knows what he is doing, but enjoys it as well. Very knowledgeable and extremely thorough in both the actual inspection and the report. Report was returned to us in a very timely fashion. Only great things to say about Jay and we will be recommending him to everyone we know!

Rachel and Daniel Myerowitz Holden

Your customer service and attentiveness to the home inspection process was greatly appreciated.

Jessica Hargreaves